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I'm Feldman D. Bear! Read the book or you will see me again!

Danby Mountain Press
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since 10/99

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Check out these great reviews

Check out these great reviews!

Welcome to Danby Mountain Press
The result of a life long dream of writing and publishing our own books. My first work is The Tenderfoot's Guide to Family Camping. This book was written as an instruction manual without the droning technical aspects of most "How-To" books. In it, I try to describe, in easy to follow format, the "ins and outs" you'll likely encounter while camping. From gathering the appropriate gear to taking the tent down after the trip is over, The Tenderfoot's Guide to Family Camping is a must read for anyone planning a trip to the great outdoors.

I hope this book helps you and your family enjoy camping as it should be; peacefully, smoothly, and safely. I also hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. I wish you fair winds and eternal happiness in all your journeys both afield and in your day to day life, Tenderfoot.

Brian A. Greenleaf
Author / Publisher


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